Watches: The ‘Man’ accessory

by | Nov 1, 2011 | Shopping and Product Reviews

Women are built for accessories. They have got a monstrous choice regarding their accessories. Man can boast of one – the humble watch. Watches can be a person’s humble Clark Kent, or his Superman. It can function as a basic time keeper and at the same time all a bit of class to its wearer.

If you go window shopping, you will realise that there is a variety of watches to choose from; cheap to insanely expensive, plain vanilla to multi-functional, simple to designer. The factors to take into account are the nature of your job, your taste, and your budget.

Should I go in for the ‘show’?

Watches can be classified into occasional usage or daily wear. You should always look for watches that are practical. Getting a designer watch only because you love the brand is not a criterion for picking out a watch. A practical watch which can handle the wear and tear of daily life, and at the same time hold its class, can be termed as a good gents watch.

Check for little details

Different brands have their own idea of what looks good. They possess their own designs, features and colours. Make sure that you make a check of all the little things before buying a watch. See to it that the glass, strap, the stainless steel back cover and the brass used in the watch are of a good quality. Always go in for reputed brands, simply because they are trusted. Plastic watches are not recommended because they appear to be cheap and are not long lasting.

Buying a watch online is not usually recommended. But sometimes online stores offer various discounts and even lower their prices, so you may land yourself a good deal. Always approach a reputed, trusted dealer.



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