Month: September 2014


How to Find the Best Cheap Cigars

Finding the best cheap cigars is very important, because it enables you to avoid the feeling of having been ripped off if the cigars fail to live up to their hype. Any experienced smoker will agree that cigar prices can be really high. Sometimes, not all expensive cigars are particularly good, and at other times […]

Coffee and Tea

Cuban Catering – A Tasty Trend

The State of Florida has the largest Cuban population in the United States.  Consequently, there’s a Cuban restaurant on nearly every corner.  But Cuban or not, everyone enjoys a little spice and the aroma of a good Sofrito, especially if prepared by someone else’s hand.  A dinner out on the town and a visit outside […]


Call Enhancement Features for VoIP

If you use internet calling to have conversations with friends, loved ones, or even business associates, then you know that the quality of the call can make all the difference in your experience. When you have call enhancement features like echo canceller, speech dereverberation, acoustic noise reduction, packet loss concealment, and other great options, the […]

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