Choosing the Right Three Diamond Ring

Choosing the Right Three Diamond Ring

When someone is looking to give a ring to the person they love, the classic style of the Three Diamond ring is often chosen. This ring has a long history and is available in a variety of diamond cuts and band styles. Each cut of diamond has its own special meaning as well, making your ring very special and giving the exact message you intend.

What the Three Diamond Ring Means
This ring is sometimes referred to as the past, present and future ring. The diamonds representing the past and future are generally smaller, because while they are important, the present is the most important. This style of ring is typically referred to as a trinity or trilogy ring. The most common reasons to give this style of ring are typically either for an engagement or an anniversary, as it is always associated with love.

Different Cuts of Diamonds
Diamond cuts come in quite a few different shapes, though all cuts typically fall into two different categories: square or round. Those that fall into the round-type category are the pear shaped, oval, marquise, heart, and of course round. The round cut is the most popular shape, as it reflects more light than any other cut and is typically referred to as brilliant-cut. Round is one of the most common cuts on the Three Diamond ring. The oval cut dates back to the 1960’s, and is nearly as brilliant as the round cut. It gives the same sparkle as a round cut, but is a bit more unique. A pear cut looks similar to a teardrop, has the brilliance of a round cut, and has the ability to make your finger look a bit slimmer. The marquise is very similar to the oval, except it has tips, which helps make your finger look slimmer and makes the diamond look larger. The heart shape is also ‘round’ in some ways. It has been around for over a century, and is the typical symbol of love and devotion. The styles that fall into the square-type are the Asscher, emerald, cushion, cushion, and radiant. The Asscher dates back to the 1800s, and is square shaped with angular corners. The facets are also rectangular and look like they descend into the stone. The Asscher cut inspired the emerald cut diamond. While it is also a step-cut like the Asscher, it has fewer facets, so it has less sparkle than others. The radiance is similar to the emerald with the outer lines and corners, but it has all the faceting of the round cut. It’s the best of both worlds, essentially. The princess cut is fairly new, and is a modern square cut shape. It is more spectacular than other square cuts due to extra faceting around the rim.

Whatever cut of diamond you pick, your Three Diamond ring will be beautiful and treasured. The love symbolized by the ring will shine for years to come, no matter how many facets your diamond may have.

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