Choose Phillies Cigars for a Great Machine-Rolled Cigar

Choose Phillies Cigars for a Great Machine-Rolled Cigar

While most people do not care where their cigars are from, most people do want to know a little background information so they can make an informed decision. Phillies were created in 1929 by Bayuk Cigar PA and are still an American made cigar. Because they were created in Philadelphia, many people started calling them Phillies and the name stuck so that the brand name because Phillies Cigars. Currently, the brand is manufactured by Altadis USA, Inc., which is an American subsidy of Altadis SA, the Spanish-based company that is owned by Imperial Tobacco.


Phillies cigars come in multiple sizes, so no matter what your smoking preference, you will find something to enjoy. Sizes include Black Max, Cheroot, Blunt, Mini Blunt, Cigarillo, Mexicali Slim, Perfecto, Panatella, Sweet, Titan and Tip.

The blunt option is named for its size, not because it includes marijuana, though, throughout the years, people have called it a blunt because it looks similar to the size and shape of a marijuana cigarette.


While most people prefer a regular or menthol cigar, there are other flavors, such as fruit and other options. Fruity flavors include banana, coconut, berry, mango, sour apple, peach, strawberry, grape and watermelon. Other flavors include chocolate, coffee, greene de menthe, cognac, honey, pina colada, sambuca, rum, sweet vanilla, cinnamon, tequila and sugar.


The Phillies option is a great choice for those that want an inexpensive smoke that has a lot of flavor. Most options allow for 50 little cigars or cigarillos though some are packaged by size. When going online to purchase your Phillies cigars, you will likely need to pay close attention to the number of cigarillos you receive for the price. Depending on the flavor, size and number, you can get these smokes for less than $15.00 a box, making them very inexpensive.


While each website is different, most prefer to ship by USPS or UPS, depending on how quickly you need them at your door, though you are usually in control of the price you wish to pay for shipping.

Who Uses Them

Almost everyone of the appropriate age can smoke these little cigars because they work well in almost any situation. Whether you want a cigar that is similar to a cigarette or prefer one with different flavoring, you can find one. Whether an aficionado or just an occasional smoker, you will enjoy the variety of the Phillies brand and enjoy the freshness found when ordering them online.


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