Cloves Make for a Sweet High Quality Cigar

Cloves Make for a Sweet High Quality Cigar

People have craved and loved the sweet scent of cloves in cigarettes and cigars for years. Now you can enjoy it in Djarum Clove Cigars. The Djarum brand is a great choice for a premium cigar made with a sensational tobacco blend, Indonesian spices, and cloves all rolled together. These little cigars also come in many different flavors such as cherry, black, Bali Hai, mild, special, vanilla, menthol, and splash. Nothing compares to the sweet scent of cloves that wafts from this brilliant cigar. Expert cigar smokers that enjoy a sweet aroma with a full bodied flavor will find that Djarum not only delivers, it is a robust cigar perfect any time they crave a sweet cigar.

The Spiciness of a Djarum Clove Cigar

If you prefer a spicier cigar, Djarum certainly delivers. The scent alone provokes memories of smoldering leaves and wood smoke. Spices that are native to the Indonesian region prevail in the Djarum cigar giving them the specific flavors of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Such a sweet taste lingers on your tongue and rolls around your palate to produce a lasting flavor that will have you relaxed and ready to take your next draw. They simply have an exotic flare that is fragrant and evocative making the smoking of such a cigar a sensuous experience.

Enjoy the Clean and Natural Taste of Djarum Tobacco

Part of the enjoyment of smoking a Djarum cigar that is made with cloves is that the flavor tastes clean and natural. The nicotine content is just enough to make it a mild cigar that is reminiscent of a more mellow and earthy tone. If you enjoy a slow burn with a sweet scent, then this cigar is perfect for you. The high quality tobacco with cloves may seem extravagant, but these cigars are fast becoming everyday favorites for cigar connoisseurs. Sit back and relax, light a Djarum clove cigar and let it crackle into life and deliver one of the best clove smokes. Before long you will be lost in the intense and exquisite flavor. Introduce your fellow cigar smokers to the Djarum clove cigar and purchase enough to share at your next night out, or just treat yourself and keep them as a guilty pleasure. You can find them online sold by smoke shops with comprehensive websites that carry only the finest premium cigars.

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