The Gift of a Diamond Heart Necklace Will Make Your Beloved Smile

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Jewelry

It is sometimes difficult for a man to express his feelings. Fortunately, giving the gift of a diamond heart necklace will make your beloved smile and make it easier to express what you are unable to say with words. By giving a diamond necklace to that special someone, she knows that she holds a special place in your heart.

The Right Necklace

The right necklace will adorn any outfit your beloved wears. What could be more romantic than draping the beautiful gift around your beloved’s neck? Of course, not every necklace is made equally. Many styles of necklaces are available. They come in the form of chains, braids, or links. Some come with a specific set of diamonds or stones, while others have stones the cover the entire chain.

Pendants are an added feature of charms or jewels that are suspended from a chain. A diamond heart necklace is a pendant that will make her smile, but choosing the right necklace also includes choosing the perfect length. It is the length that determines where the pendant falls against her chest. There are three basic lengths. The choker length emphasizes the wearer’s neckline and should come just above the collarbones. A choker is typically about 14-16 inches long. The princess length, 18 inches, is the most common, and it hangs just over the collarbones. The longest necklace length is 24 inches, and is called the opera length. This is a dramatic length that is worn over a blouse or a dress (usually a thicker chain is required for it and a larger pendant).

A Diamond Heart

Diamond heart pendants have become very popular, likely because they are so romantic and yet versatile. They can be combined with any style and color of chain. The diamond heart pendant necklace will be a great gift for a woman who is young or old, daughter, mother, wife, or a dear friend. Giving your beloved a diamond heart necklace is like giving her the better of two worlds.

Why should you choose a heart over any other symbol? The heart was first used on a Valentine’s Day card in 1910, and it has been used as a symbol to express the spiritual, emotional, and moral core of a human being. Poetically, the heart is a prevalent symbol that represents real love. For centuries, the diamond has been a symbol of love, purity, and excellence. Since diamonds are made from a strongest mineral found on earth, they have been known to symbolize strength and power with brilliance and beauty.

When you gift your beloved a diamond heart necklace, you have combined the love of the heart with the strength, power, and brilliance of the diamond. This will surely make her smile.

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