Women’s CrossFit Shirts and Other Apparel

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews

CrossFit training has been gaining popularity across the country. It is unlike any exercise regimen in that it focuses on individual goals while creating a team to help each member reach them. The work out is unique in that it involves a wide variety of techniques designed to improve strength, resilience and endurance. An entire apparel line has been launched to equip the CrossFit Trainee with comfortable, functional workout clothes.

Women’s CrossFit Shirts

Since CrossFit requires a wide range of motion, wearing the right clothes will make a difference in performance. Women’s CrossFit shirts need to be comfortable, breathable, and nonrestrictive. Whether you prefer tanks or t-Shirts, the right fit is out there.

Women’s Socks

Compression socks are becoming more widely used not only in the medical community, but for exercise training as well. During a workout your muscles will naturally begin to fatigue making circulation more difficult. Compression socks reduce the swelling by mechanically boosting fluid return from the lower legs – almost giving you an extra squeeze with each motion.

Women’s Shorts

The best clothing is designed when form follows function. CrossFit shorts have a built in liner, an inner waistband pocket for cards, are quick drying and preshrunk. They also have continuous a drawcord so you won’t have to be concerned about it coming out in the wash. They are made from stretch material that allows for freedom of movement.

Women’s Shoes

An important rule when it comes to workout apparel: never skimp on footwear! Your feet are under tremendous stress during exercise and you don’t want an injury to bench you for the season. Make sure your shoes are right for your feet – check arch support, material durability, size and cushioning.

Choosing the right exercise clothes and shoes will make a big difference in your ability to perform at your best. You may be inclined to just throw on that old t-shirt you like to lounge around in, but you are cheating yourself if you don’t maximize your hard workout with proper apparel. Wearing women’s CrossFit shirts, socks, shoes and shorts, will make your workout more comfortable. For more information on women’s Crossfit shirts, visit online at www.boxfreak.com/crossfit-apparell/

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