Three Reasons to Follow your Christian Life

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Books

When you have been raised as a Christian it is not uncommon to discontinue living your life in accordance with Christian teachings. You also are robbing yourself of true happiness. Here are three reasons Master Prophet Bishop Jordan believes you should follow your Christian life:

1. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan has seen the light in a person’s eyes become pure and bright when they choose to follow the life of a Christian. When the love of God is in your heart your life becomes better and brighter. You will feel God’s love with you everywhere you go and be happy knowing that your life will be happy and full. God provides a gift that cannot be matched in worldly possessions or even through pleasure. When you invite God into your heart everything you do will become many times better and you will learn to have as much joy from simple pleasures as you did from your favorite pleasures in the past.

2. You will find that your joy brings joy and this is a wonderful gift. Your life will be changed forever as you discover the importance of spreading joy. The light in your heart that is God’s love shines bright enough for all to see and will touch more and more people everyday. God’s love is contagious and people wonder what your secret is to such happiness. When they learn it is following God that has given you so much joy many will choose to follow God and seek out the same happiness you have found through his love. Your obedience to the Lord will always result in your feeling good about yourself because what God asks of us is to be kind, to share, to love and to help others. It is impossible to behave in this way and not feel fulfillment and satisfaction with your actions. Even more miraculous is that you will not do these things because it makes you feel good. You will do them to make others feel good instead.

3. You will be prepared to handle any trials that you face in life when you follow the Christian life. It is easy as you know that trials will end and happiness will return because this is what God wants for you.

Master Prophet Bishop Jordan will rejoice with you when you choose your Christian life.

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