Don’t Forget the Bible in your Daily Regime

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Books

Each of us has a daily regime we follow. From how we get ready in the morning to how we prepare our meals each day and how we relax in the evening and get ready for bed at night. As a Christian it is a good idea to make the bible part of your daily regime. It helps to strengthen your faith, provides quiet time to rest your mind and also is a wonderful way to spend family time.

Many people feel they are too busy for many things, but your faith cannot be put on the back burner. The bible should be central to your Christian faith and using it as your favored reading can help ease it into your daily regime. Many people read at bedtime and keeping the bible on your night stand table will keep it in easy reach for some relaxing and contemplative reading. You can also choose the children’s bible as the preferred reading at bedtime so both of you can enjoy the messages together.

A Bible Prophecy Online is also a good way to incorporate the bible into your daily regime as they will come to you through email prompting you to read when they arrive. What could be easier than that? Bible prophecies provide much needed insight into the bible, words and passages and how they apply to your life today.

Daily devotions are another aspect of Christian life that can be found lower and lower on people’s To Do lists. It is important to remember that when it comes to daily devotions it is more about quality then quantity. Therefore you can spend even 15 minutes of your time doing your daily devotions as long as it is 15 minutes completely dedicated to God. You can use your bible to read a passage or favorite verse as part of your daily devotions to kill two birds with one stone. As long as the use of the bible is with pure intent and not more to “speed” up your contemplation.

The bible can be kept with you to read on the way to work on public transportation, or you can even keep it on a tablet, electronic book source or any other hand held device so it is always there at your disposal.

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