Reasons Why You Should Read the Bible

The bible has given thousands of people across the world the support and guidance they need to make tough life decisions. Whether you’re looking for your path to enlightenment or simply for relation in a difficult situation, the bible has the ability to change your life for the better.

Written By Prophets

The bible is over 30% prophecy. It was written by prophets themselves. The bible was also written by prophets of several continents, speaking several different languages yet following the same belief. Despite the language barrier, the bible flows with remarkable consistency and continuance, showing that God has had influence on these prophets by guiding them both mentally and spiritually as they create his book of work.

Things You Can Relate To

Another great thing about the bible is that it contains so many stories. There is truly something for everyone to relate to, and you’ll never be short when it comes to new reading material. There is always something to learn, something to cherish and something to comfort you.

Spiritual Enlightenment

When you read the bible, you get a sense of enlightenment that is unavailable elsewhere. You open yourself to God, showing him your devotion and therefore letting him into your life. You will experience a new light shining on your life, and God will be there for you whenever you need him. Whether it is through prayer, through a Bernard Jordan prophecy or through personal contact with others, he is all around us and he is waiting for your call.


God forgives everyone who accepts him into their life. You can also seek forgiveness by reading and learning about his work, seeing the error of your ways and redeeming yourself under his all seeing light. Many websites continually upload passages and quotes from the bible, so you can do this one step at a time, in your own way.

It’s Never Been Easier

It’s never been easier to read or learn the bible. You can simply log online and many websites offer great learning tools, so you can learn and read it in any way you want. Whether you prefer the traditional approach with book in hand or the online approach which is great for those who lead busy lives, the bible has a lot to offer and you can surely benefit from reading it.

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