Spring is the time to renew your Faith in God

Spring is the time to renew your Faith in God

Master Prophet Jordan knows that God is always happy to forgive. There are many reasons you might have been called away from your faith. Many turns along the road of life can lead us to temptation and take us off the path of enlightenment. When this happens God is waiting to forgive you and welcome you back into his flock. Spring is the perfect time to renew your faith and come back to God.

Spring can be the perfect metaphor for renewal. The branches on the trees become full again. The dormant grass becomes green again. Even the skies become filled with birds again. All of these signs can be symbols of renewal in your faith. You do not have to wait for a special time on the calendar to come back to God. All it takes is for you to open your heart and welcome God’s love again.

It can be a long and arduous journey to find your way back to God. The path of sin has many obstacles along the way to try to keep you from finding your way back to God. Faith takes courage and it is up to you to find courage in order to welcome God in again. Remember that it is one easy step that will renew your faith and from there the journey will become much easier.

When you have led a life that was not following Christian beliefs it does not always mean you have sinned. You might just have been living a life without enlightenment. When you decide to follow Jesus and welcome him as your personal savior you will find your life improves ten times over and you are suddenly freed from any burden you felt you had to carry. Jesus will take your hand and your sadness and pain and relieve you from its burden.

Renewal in faith is always hard. It is much the same as we have acted against our beloved father and must come back to his home and ask forgiveness. We are fearful that he will reject us and tell us it is too late. But God has never stopped loving you and has been waiting patiently for your return. Master Prophet Jordan wants you to take this time to open your heart and remember the light of God’s love and you will feel it fill you with a renewal of your faith.

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