The Sophisticated Lingerie Styling of Simone Perele

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews

Simone Perele lingerie was first created in 1948, in Paris, France. Madame Simone Perele began creating lingerie for women that was innovative, comfortable, elegant, and meant to attract attention by putting the focus on the natural shape of women. Over the years Simone Perele has created an international brand of lingerie made from fabrics of the highest quality with embroidery, ribbon and lace. Today that same inspiration is still being used to create bras, panties and other fine lingerie. Women are meant to be able to look stunningly beautiful while being comfortable at the same time. This especially pertains to the creation of stylish and comfortable bras.

Different Styles of Bras Offered by Simone Perele:

* Full Cup Bra
* Half Cup Bra
* Plunge Bra
* Push Up Bra

The Sensual and Romantic Style of Simone Perele Bras

Luxury lingerie should express a sensual elegance and romantic style that leaves a woman feeling vivacious. Bras that gently hug a woman’s curves provide a fit that is flawless. Most women buy bras that are a size to small. When you want to look absolutely stunning, it important to make sure you are wearing the correct size of bra. Simone Perele bras come in many sizes, so you can find the perfect fit. In order to find an impeccable fit you need to measure your chest with measuring tape. This can be done at home when shopping online for designer lingerie. Once you find the fit that maximizes your chest and is most comfortable, you will feel immaculate.

Add Simone Perele Designs to Your Wardrobe

You can pamper yourself with daily essentials when you purchase Simone Perele designs. Order your very own collection of bras in many styles and colors to fit your wardrobe. The use of fine floral embroidery compliments many bras designed by this French designer, setting a standard that is hard to surpass.

Elegance in Every Design

It does not matter which type of bra you wish to purchase, Simone Perele designs are elegant and have the proper support needed to remain comfortable while molding your figure. Stretch fabric makes inner side panels fit snuggly without strain and enhances cleavage to create a full bust. Vertical darts are incorporated to give bras additional shape, as well.

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