Monogrammed baby blankets are truly special gifts

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Gifts

The birth of a baby to family or friend is a momentous and precious moment and the occasion is best celebrated by giving monogrammed baby blankets to the newborn since the mother needs several blankets for the baby.
When a newborn baby is born to a friend or in the family, family members and friends flock with gifts that also help the baby’s parents with the essentials the baby may need. The monogrammed gifts to the newborn are of various types, monogrammed baby blankets being the most common type.

Monogrammed baby blankets meant for babies must be made of smooth and natural fibers that are durable, able to stand many washes and comfortable because they allow air to circulate in the blanket keeping the baby fresh. The blanket should also be light because newborn babies are very sensitive. Friends should be aware of any allergies of the newborn from the parents to avoid buying a blanket that may affect the baby. The monogrammed baby blankets to be given to the new born babies should be new so that the baby may not be at risk of infection or any diseases originating from used blankets.

A personal message or a bible verse may be added to the edge of the blanket and the message should be fairly unobtrusive. The message should be carefully thought of and if it’s the name, it should not be misspelled as the monogramming means a lot to the parents of the newborn.

The parents may have different approaches on how to use the monogrammed baby blankets and may store them as a reminder and preserve the message on the blanket instead of using the blankets. A personalized blanket is the ultimate gift to a newborn as the mother will mostly think of the friend who brought this special blanket as she wraps her baby with it.

Types of Blankets to Give Away

There are many different types of blankets to give away to newborn babies. Deciding on the texture and size is as much a matter of personal taste and preference as learning what the parents may like. Any blanket that is soft, cuddly, and even made of organic materials should be a really big hit. The blanket may be hand knitted, crocheted, or bought from a high quality store. Selecting blankets that are made from 100% cotton is a good choice as polyester can tend to become scratchy after a few washes. In addition, the ragtime blanket that has a rugged patch work is the most common monogrammed gift given to newborn babies.

If you decide to go with a handmade blanket, you don’t necessarily have to make it yourself. Monogrammed baby blankets that are handmade from a skilled artisan or specialty baby store can be just as nice as one you have knitted yourself.

Monogramming a blanket is the greatest way of giving a personalized gift to a newborn baby. Find out more about monogrammed baby blankets that are truly special by visiting us.

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