Healthy Chocolates: Delicious Vegan Chocolate Truffles

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Gifts

In the 1940’s, the vegan movement began to take shape, as vegetarians wanted a more pure, dairy-free diet to follow. With this newly established dietary lifestyle came the emergence of delicious, non-dairy treats, including vegan chocolate truffles. Considered both decadent yet healthy, vegan chocolate truffles use raw cacao powder, nut butters, raw coconut and other natural ingredients that do not include dairy or other animal products.

Vegan chocolate truffles have gained in popularity over the past twenty years, as more individuals have become vegans in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Many recipes now exist for vegan chocolate treats, as vegan confectioners continue to strive to make the some of the best chocolates you can find anywhere.

We know what it takes to make high-quality vegan chocolate truffles using only the finest ingredients nature can provide. It’s possible to enjoy chocolate, without the use of preservatives and other additives. We understand that chocolate tastes best when it is pure and fresh, and we prove this over and over with our legendary vegan chocolates.

Vegan means non-dairy, and including no animal products, making vegan chocolate truffles a great alternative to traditional chocolate candies. For those that don’t want to eat animal products, or who can’t because of dietary restrictions, vegan chocolate truffles meet these dietary needs. Delicious and free from toxic chemicals, vegan chocolates are a healthy treat loved by many.

There are a wide variety of vegan chocolates available on the market, because of the versatility of the ingredients. We love trying new recipes, and we work hard to make confections that rival anything else available. Although our products don’t last forever because they do not contain preservatives, we don’t expect them to. Once you have one vegan chocolate, you won’t be able to stop. The benefit is, because they don’t contain animal products, they are a healthy alternative.

Since the 1940’s, the use of vegan recipes has continued to grow in popularity. We will continue our tradition of making vegan chocolates out of only the finest ingredients.

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