Pamper Her with Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Jewelry

When considering an engagement ring for that special someone, there are enough options to overwhelm anyone. While the most popular cut for a diamond is the round brilliant, there are many benefits to choosing princess cut diamond engagement rings to make her feel like royalty.

The Diamond

There are many diamond cuts out there, each with their own look and brilliance. The princess cut is the second most popular, and for good reason. Though it is less brilliant with 70% refraction than the near-total refraction of the more popular round brilliant, it is cheaper by weight because its cut retains up to 80% of the rough diamond compared to the 40-50% of the round brilliant. This higher yield allows jewelers to buy the princess cut with a lower loss of raw material. These savings are passed on in the final product, allowing princess cut diamond engagement rings with higher carat count at cheaper prices.

The princess cut also offers a unique cross-shaped reflection through its square top. Its inverted pyramid base highlights the color of the diamond not just in the middle, but at all four corners as well. The fifty-eight facets allow light in to bounce around, showing off the quality and beauty of the diamond.

Unique Possibilities

The cut lends unique possibilities to princess cut diamond engagement rings. Its square shape fits easily together into clusters without filler. While clustered, round diamonds allow the metal setting to show between the diamonds, princess cut diamonds lie flat against each other, allowing multiple smaller diamonds to combine into an encrusted sheet full of glittering intensity.

Smaller princess cut diamonds can also be combined to provide decoration around the shank of a ring like no other cut can. This displays a luxury unsurpassed by lesser displays.

Diamond Ring Options

When looking at princess cut diamond engagement rings, there are a wide variety of options. Like any diamond, the princess cut comes in the classic colorless as well as the natural colored versions of red, green, violet, blue, and yellow. These colors can be enhanced for vividness or mixed for hundreds of color options from black to light pink and all shades in between.

Diamonds can also be cut to nearly any size to have a dramatic single setting or a cluster of smaller diamonds for an encrusted look. Smaller diamonds can also be placed as accents either embedded in the metal of the ring or free standing on prongs for added brilliance.

The shank of the ring wrapped around her finger doesn’t need to be plain, either. From engraving or twining to gemstone accents, the shank on princess cut diamond engagement rings can be as distinctive as the woman wearing it.

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