Buying Popcorn Bags, Boxes and Containers Online

Buying Popcorn Bags, Boxes and Containers Online

One of the most popular snacks around is popcorn. Most people love the buttery, flavorful taste of popped popcorn and that has made many people buy popcorn poppers and other appliances for their homes. Popcorn is extremely easy to make, quite healthy and inexpensive which makes it a perfect choice for many occasions. You can choose different flavors, colors and even sizes of popcorn to make at home, but once it is made, you still need to serve it. One of the best ways to do so is by using popcorn bags, boxes and other types of containers.

Bags Come in Many Sizes and Varieties

If you have a pop corn popper and thinking about a gathering or parties, bags are a great choice. You will find that basic bags for popcorn come in several sizes from about 1 oz to 2 oz, which is plenty large enough for you to give your guests a snack. These bags are made of high quality, thick paper that is durable enough to hold popcorn and contain any spills. You will also find butter bags for popcorn, that are useful when you are using butter on your kernels. These bags come in sizes from 1.5 oz to 5 oz and have a special coating that will keep the butter contained in the bag and not on your clothing or furniture.

Popcorn Boxes are Also Available

In addition to the popcorn bags that are available on the market, you will also find that popcorn boxes are available. One type of popcorn box that you can purchase is known as a scoop box and features a square bottom and will stand on its own. These boxes are available in sizes from .75 oz to 1.25 oz. The other option you have when looking for popcorn boxes is the replica boxes from the 1920s and 1930s. These familiar red and white striped boxes are available in sizes from .75 oz to 1.8 oz, giving you a wide range of choices when you need to package your popcorn in a convenient way.

You can find bags and boxes for your popcorn very easily when you shop online. There are some great online shops out there with affordable prices that will certainly keep you stocked.

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