How to Make Sure Your Baby Food is Really Organic

The organic food craze has made every company want to hop aboard the trend, but they’re not all created equal or even honest. There have been recent lawsuits for companies falsely advertising their baby foods as organic. Here are some tips to make sure you’re buying baby food that’s truly organic and healthy for your child.

1. Don’t Take Claims at Face Value

Every company’s website for fresh baby food in New Brunswick will say that they offer the best option out there. They’re selling a product and will say whatever they need to in order to get you to buy it. This is where independent sources and reviewers come in. If you find a company you like that seems to offer the types of options you need for organic baby food, then it’s time to investigate. Check out consumer review sites like Yelp or even Facebook. More importantly, go to see what Consumer Reports or the Better Business Bureau have to say to verify that the company is legit.

2. Organic Doesn’t Mean All Natural

Organic food has a very specific definition in the US. It must meet the criteria of not being grown with pesticides and meat and dairy cannot be produced with animal hormones or antibiotics. If you’re seeing labels on your baby food that claim to be all natural, that’s a way for companies to get around USDA organic requirements while still hopping aboard the natural food train. Always make sure that your baby food is certified organic on the label.

3. Prep Time and Shelf Life

Organic food goes bad much faster than food that contains preservatives or other artificial elements. While this can be inconvenient if you’re used to baby food with a long shelf life, it’s much better for your baby’s health to eat fresh all the time. If you find a brand that claims to be organic with a long shelf life, something is amiss.

There are many expenses involved when you have a family. If you’re going to cut corners, though, the type of food you put into your baby’s body is where you should invest.

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