How to Explain Distressing Visions on Television to Children

It used to be you could watch television before 9:00 p.m. with reasonable confidence nothing too offensive or distressing would flash across the screen. However, in today’s broadcasts it seems that anything goes. Your faith will play a key role in being ready with answers to comfort your children should something undesirable be seen while watching television. The Zoe Ministry has much insight into parenting and living a Christian life to help make it easier to converse with your children about the difficult subjects that can arise.

Movie Trailers

It seems more than a little perplexing why television networks are not smart enough to realize that if a family show is playing in a certain time slot that the commercials shown during that show should also be acceptable for family viewing. Yet it seems terrible movie trailers and even suggestive or violent commercials for adult television shows appear through all hours of the day and during family rated television shows. This can take both you and your children off guard and it can cause distress for children who do not understand what is happening even when flashed briefly before their eyes. Change the channel and use God’s teachings to explain these unexpected glimpses. You can explain that God does not wish us to see such things, but sometimes adults make bad choices and choose to focus on the bad things that can happen in the world. Let them know that God protects them from such things and that is why it is important to remember God’s love whenever they are scared or worried.

Sexual Content

Sex is intended to show two people in love how much they care for each other as well as to create families. Although you will probably not encounter too risqué of a glimpse during a family program it seems sexual content, be it visual or in conversation, does tend to come up more and more even on family shows. Be prepared to explain that God intends us all to share in love and part of love is affection. Let them know this is a good and healthy aspect of marriage and that it natural to love and share intimacy as well as how God allows us to create a family.

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