Baby Journals: For Today’s Memories and For The Future

Baby Journals: For Today’s Memories and For The Future

Some people have kept a diary or journal since they were quite young. Some people never do. When it comes to keeping track of milestones, a journal becomes an important tool. It is a way of remembering certain important days. It is also a means of recording how you felt at the time. Baby journals are wonderful tools in recording this special event. They can recreate the scene years later for you and the child.

Why Baby Journals?

Baby journals are a wonderful tool. They allow you to record the milestones of your baby. You can place within these pages such items as:

* Baby’s first crawl
* Baby’s first tooth
* Baby’s first word
* Baby’s first step

If done with flair, you can not only memorialize these events but also record how you felt. By looking at the day years later, you will be able to recall the event in greater clarity. You may even be able to laugh at how stressed out, worried or concerned about your baby at the time.

Yet baby journals can also be an effective means of tracking down certain incidents or noting about specific matters that may have some import at a later date. Consider food allergies. If you write in the journal the changes you make in diet, it could be helpful in tracing when he or she was introduced to a specific food. It may also show how often he or she ate it and even whether his physical behavior reflected a resistance to that category or not.

How to Keep a Baby Journal

There is an art to keeping a baby journal. It involves being conscious about its existence and purpose. It means being methodical. In other words, if you want to keep a baby journal that is an accurate portrait of this snapshot in time, you need to keep in mind its express purpose. You then need to:

* Set aside a specific time very day to write in what happened.

* Be certain to record anything and everything – no matter how trivial they may seem at the time. This includes how you feel. It may actually reduce some of your anxiety and stress
* Write down the milestone events such as the first doctor’s visit, first haircut, etc.

* Tape or attach any photos of the special events securely to the page in which the event occurred. Label them appropriately and accurately. You don’t want to be left to guess what the picture was of and when it took place. Even record who took the photo

You may not be an elegant journal keeper. You may only jot down a few notes or phrases. It does not matter – as long as it is eligible to read over time. What matters is using baby journals as a tool to keep matters in the past alive for the future.

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