A Baby Gift for the Littlest of the Little Newborns

Buying a baby gift for an infant born full term is not as challenging as buying a gift for a premature baby. Premature births are on the rise, as are multiple births. Though advanced medical procedures account for the rise in multiple births, no one is certain as to why premature births are rising. Early delivery of a baby takes everyone by surprise, including the mother and father, family and friends. Sometimes the baby arrives before everything is ready in the nursery and home.

Premature babies are born as early as 28 weeks, but any birth at 36 weeks or earlier is considered an early birth. However, the closer the birth is to the 37th week of pregnancy, the more weight the newborn will have gained. Babies born at 28 weeks are the littlest of the little infants.

Taking Care of Special Needs

Infants born early have special needs. For example, all babies must be kept warm, but premature babies need extra help. Premature babies, also referred to as preemies, are not fully developed, and their little bodies may not be able to regulate their body warmth as well as a full-term baby. An ideal baby gift is a soft blanket that the baby can be wrapped in to keep the infant warm.

People often discover that large babies are unable to wear newborn clothing. They are born weighing too much. It’s easy to buy baby clothes just by choosing items for older infants. That is not an option for a premature baby. To buy a clothing baby gift for a premature infant, you will want to select newborn clothing designed for the smallest newborn.

Blankets and clothes help regulate body temperature, and so do hats. Keeping the baby’s head covered helps prevent heat loss through the scalp. For this reason, another ideal baby gift for a premature baby is a custom designed hat.

Warm and Peaceful

If the mother decides that it’s safe to take the baby to a friend’s house or to run errands, it’s important once again to keep the baby warm. Wrapping the baby in a soft baby blanket and placing the infant in a carrier is the first step. The second step is to avoid crowded stores and any place where illness might be present since the infant’s immune system is probably not fully developed.

Music is soothing to people of all ages. An exceptional baby gift is baby music that the mother can play in the nursery to help keep the newborn contented. Since premature babies often have health issues, any gift that helps calm the newborn is always appreciated. All kinds of lullabies can soothe a fussy baby.

Watching a premature baby grow is satisfying. A newborn that arrives early often struggles physically until developing to full size. It is an emotional journey for a mother and father who want their baby to be healthy and happy. The truly perfect baby gift is a memory book or a picture book. It brings great joy to parents and friends of the family to watch a preemie grow stronger each day, and it is a journey that many parents want to record.

Preemies have special needs, but fortunately there are plenty of ideas for a perfect baby gift for the littlest of the littlest newborn.

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