Why your Company should Consider Using Promotional Umbrellas

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Gifts

In the business world, marketing and advertising is often a big part of your company’s business equation, so it would behoove the savvy associate to look into alternative ways to promote your company while keeping a close eye on the bottom line. Perhaps one idea is to look at more effective ways to use your company’s recognizable logo or name in unexpected ways. For example, if you took a client out for a round of golf, then having an umbrella to use while on the course would be a practical thing to bring. Having an umbrella with your company’s name and logo would be practical and strategic. Promotional umbrellas are a functional and smart way to get your company’s name out to your clients as well as future business without the added costs of buying add space or using far less-effective means.

Promotional umbrellas can really add that ‘fun’ into functional, after all, on a rainy (or sunny) day, having an umbrella handy makes good sense. And handing a client an umbrella with your unique brand or company colors can boost your marketing and advertising without breaking the bank. Think about how fun a company picnic would be, if your company decided to have it somewhere near a large body of water with lots of sun, food and of course, some shade-providing umbrellas. That is, shade-providing promotional umbrellas. That’s right. Why not have your company’s name so that everyone knows what a great place your company is to work at. Everyone loves a party, so why not celebrate where you work and promote your company’s pride as well.

Often times companies will send marketing materials like mouse pads, t-shirts, brochures and the like. With your company’s promotional umbrellas, they won’t likely forget about having that handy little umbrella around when the weather turns or perhaps being outside in a little too much sun. After all, you don’t want to be caught in a downpour when traveling and nothing to prevent the rain from soaking your nice suit. Just grab one of your company’s fine umbrellas and present yourself for your next sales call. You’ll show up looking smart, savvy and most importantly, dry.

Promotional umbrellas are a unique and innovative way to really showcase your company’s signature look while being both functional and efficient. They are easy to order and distribute and are truly an impressive way to advertise your company. Nowadays, with sun damage being a very real danger, make sure to tuck that umbrella in the trunk of your company car. The next time you’ve got a client in town, take them out for a little golf and whether it rains or shines, you’ve got it covered under the shade of your company’s umbrella.

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