Why Keeping a Bottle of Authentic Mexican Mole Sauce in Your Kitchen is a Good Idea!

by | May 11, 2012 | Food

Do you like to have spicy, flavorful food at every meal? Does the very sight of bland dishes reduce your appetite, to a great extent? Then a bottle of authentic Mexican mole sauce can be a great addition to your kitchen. Whenever you prepare some dish that needs a little spicing up in order to become truly delicious, simply add a healthy dose of mole to it, and you will certainly see an instant improvement to its appeal as food.

However, that is not the only benefit you will get from stocking your kitchen with this wonderful food additive. Authentic Mexican mole is pretty versatile, considering there are so many ways in which it can spice up dishes. Here are a few of those ways:

1. Are you planning to cook chicken for dinner? Why not cook it in mole sauce? The chicken will develop a delicious color, texture and aroma that you cannot create in any other way. Besides, the meat will be really tender, and be a lot more succulent than any other chicken you have probably ever tasted. Simply season the dish with a few herbs after you take it off the oven, and it will be ready for serving.

2. Have you prepared a salad with lots of greens? Do not forget to put a generous quantity of authentic Mexican mole sauce over it, before serving. In this way, you can spice up even the blandest salad, and as long as you use different veggies, you will be creating a unique experience each time. You can also try cooking a few veggies in it. Broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes should taste especially delicious, when cooked in this manner. Try it!

3. Do you often wrap meats and veggies in corn breads to make your own variants of taco? Then you should definitely add authentic Mexican mole sauce to those dishes. You can even serve the mole sauce on the side, letting the people in your family decide how much of the hot sauce they can handle.

4. Authentic Mexican mole sauce goes with almost any kind of dish with a base of brown rice. If you need a meal in a hurry, add some chicken or turkey to the rice, along with 1-2 spoonfuls of the sauce. Serve the rice with some grilled chicken or meats, and you will have a good meal in your hands. Don’t forget to add a small portion of salad greens, lightly coated with mole sauce.

So, when are you planning to add authentic Mexican mole sauce to the collection of food additives in your kitchen? Do that as soon as you possibly can! After all, there are so many ways of experimenting with this wondrous product, and you should experience as many of those variants as possible.

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