What You May Not Know About Bouncer Rentals

by | Aug 22, 2013 | Shopping and Product Reviews

Renting a moon bounce for a backyard birthday party is often viewed to be as American as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.  Nothing makes a child’s birthday party seem more festive than hearing the giggles and squeals of delighted children bouncing in a bounce house, having the time of their lives jumping and playing together.  Often, parents are not aware of the planning and preparation required to get a moon bounce inflated and ready for use on the party day.  The following are a few things that may be helpful when planning bouncer rentals for your next party.

Size Matters
Have an idea in advance of contacting an inflatable rental company of how many children will be attending your party.  Different sizes of inflatables hold different amounts of “bouncers,” so be sure to rent a bounce house large enough to accommodate several of your guests at once.

So Does Location
Most companies who specialize in bouncer rentals have specific preferences for the type of land their moon bounces are set up on.  Rocky terrain and areas with dense foliage and sticks on the ground are typically prohibited.  The majority of inflatable rental companies prefer a clear, grassy area to inflate their moonwalks, however some companies will set up on asphalt for an additional fee.

Weather Woes
If, on the day of your event, the local weather forecast is calling for strong winds or rainy conditions, the rental company may contact you to choose an alternative date.  Similarly, if you have concerns about the weather report for the day of your party, you should contact the rental company in advance to discuss alternatives or cancellation.  Typically, once a bounce house is inflated and ready to go, companies will not offer refunds or allow clients to reschedule, regardless of weather conditions.

A&S Play Zone understands that your child’s birthday party is among the most important days of your year.  Our family-owned, professional inflatable rental business strives to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their experience.

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