Tips for Designing Successful Trade Show Exhibits

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews

Successful tradeshow exhibits require many elements, and each of these elements must support the others to make the perfect impression. Fortunately, there is no need to build everything from scratch or haul heavy equipment from one show to the next. Instead, those with experience in the trade show game buy lightweight, easily-portable supplies that are meant to be used in these exhibits.

The pop-up display is the most obvious essential element, so trade show exhibit supply companies like Exhibit Wholesale have plenty of options in this area. These displays “pop up” from a folded state that is the size of a large briefcase to form a colorful backdrop for the exhibit. Typically, they have hidden aluminum frames that are wrapped in brightly-colored, printed fabric. The fabric is custom-printed, so companies that use these backdrops can have their exact message and colors used.

Banners form another important element of trade show displays. These can be used to add visual interest, provide information to those who come closer to the booth, or both. Hanging banners in an exhibit hall can be problematic, but displaying them is no problem with banner stands. Therefore, most exhibitors will use a number of stands in their displays.

Once an exhibit catches people’s attention and draws them over, it’s time to provide more information to those who are curious. Literature racks make it easy for people to grab brochures and other papers to take with them. Providing brochures helps to ensure that the exhibitor is remembered after the show ends. It also lets companies provide answers to common questions. Since some tradeshow exhibits get so busy that everyone doesn’t have a chance to talk to a rep on the spot, this information can be very valuable. Of course, companies need to remember to include their contact information – this is often overlooked by new exhibitors until it’s too late.

A well-designed exhibit will include all of these elements along with some that are unique to each company. This draws people’s attention and gets them to come over to a particular booth. In the busy trade show environment, the ability to draw positive attention is often what makes or breaks an exhibit. Browse to read more.

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