The Most Important Considerations When Buying an iPad Mini Hood

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Electronics

Are you a drone operator searching for a way to gain better control over your UAV? Are you sick of the small screen of your smartphone and want to use a tablet with your drone? Struggling with the glare of the sun or artificial lights off the screen of your tablet while flying your drone? An iPad Mini hood is the answer to these problems and many other challenges, but there are things you’ll need to know before buying one. What are the most important considerations when comparing options like the Mavic sunshade and other hoods out there?

Screen Control

While the Mavic sunshade and other hoods mount to the remote for your drone, with the iPad Mini mounted above it, you’ll still need to access the screen to control the tablet. Make sure that there is easy access to the screen. Some tablets offer a shorter bottom fin on the hood, while others use a soft hood with a hand hole cut in the bottom portion.


Another consideration when buying an iPad Mini hood is the weight of the hood itself. Every ounce you add will increase the weight of the controller. With a heavy hood, that could add up to a significant amount of weight and even make it hard for you to hold the controller stable for long periods of flying. In turn, that will impact your ability to enjoy flying the drone in whatever your preferred pursuit might be, whether that’s racing, filmmaking, or something else entirely.

Securement Method

Another important consideration when buying an iPad Mini hood is the manner of securement for your tablet. There are quite a few different systems out there, ranging from Velcro straps to elastic bands to suction cups. None of these is perfect, but you need to find the right option or your usage requirements and comfort level. Remember that the securement method is what holds your iPad in place, and keeps it from falling.

Protective Capabilities

Finally, you need to consider how much light the hood is able to block. Does it have just one or two raised fins to prevent light from reflecting off the screen? Or does it feature four fins that offer full protection against glare and reflections?

Ideally, you’ll choose a hood like the Mavic sunshade, which offers an excellent mix of lightweight construction, powerful protection and security for your iPad.

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