The Advantages of LED Lighting, Buy Them in Glenview

The Advantages of LED Lighting, Buy Them in Glenview

LED lighting has been around since the late 1960s. Today, they are poised to take over from traditional incandescent lighting. Since their inception, LEDs have been improved considerably; they now produce more light, cost less and last longer. This technology offers many advantages over other forms of lighting. Advantages include safety and reduced maintenance costs, as they last much longer than CFL or incandescent. They are also considerably less expensive to operate, and they are far more efficient.

Long Life

Life expectancy of an LED light in Glenview source is by far the number one benefit of using them. These lights have an operational life expectancy of over 100,000 hours. To put that in perspective; if you left the fixture on in your Glenview home for eight hours every day, you would not have to replace it for 20 years.

Energy Efficient

This type of lamp converts about 80 percent of the electrical energy used into light, 20 percent of the energy is lost to heat. An incandescent bulb is just the opposite. About 80 percent of the energy used is lost, and only 20 percent is converted into light. The savings in electricity used for lighting is huge when these bulbs are implemented.


LEDs are tough; they are rugged and built to last. LEDs are shock resistant, vibration resistant and are not affected by an external impact. As such, they are ideal for use in outdoor lighting systems around the home. They are not affected by winter weather, rain, or wind.


LEDs are free of any toxic chemicals; the same cannot be said for fluorescent lamps that use dangerous materials such as mercury. LEDs are 100 percent recyclable, and because of their very long-life expectancy, one bulb can save the equivalent material of 25 incandescent bulbs.

LED lamps are proving their worth in many applications around the home and in industry. They are now the lighting of choice for security lights, night-lights, spotlights, accent lights, and a lot more.

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