The Many Flavors of Italian Gelato

There are so many Italian gelato flavors available, that you may be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your favorite. When choosing your gelato flavors, you want to make sure that you are truly getting authentic gelato that is low in fat and all natural. This will give you the best taste when it comes to the flavor of the product. Synthetic flavors disappear very quickly, so you will not feel the full impact of the flavoring if you don’t purchase all natural varieties. Natural flavors linger in your mouth, hitting every taste bud and giving you a much more pleasurable experience.

The Importance of Imported Ingredients

When choosing a gelato company, you need to make sure that they import their ingredients. For example, mass produced American made chocolate will not have the same taste as imported chocolate from the heart of the Netherlands. This can make a world of difference when it comes to the end product, regardless of what flavor you choose. The key to having great tasting gelato is to only buy the product from companies that source the finest ingredients in the world.

The Mixing Process

Whether you have a taste for exotic flavors, or a simple palate that craves white chocolate and strawberries, gelato comes in a wide range of flavors that will suit all tastes and preferences. With ice cream, mixed flavors can sometimes be overpowered by high fat content. With authentic gelato, each flavor can be identified with one bite. From passion fruit and papaya to white chocolate, raspberry, milk chocolate, and even whiskey, each flavor comes through with remarkable consistency.

Enjoying Frozen Treats Even with Allergies

You will struggle to find an ice cream on the market that doesn’t contain any dairy products. However, Italian gelato comes in many yummy flavors that have no dairy and low fat content.  Gelato is made with natural ingredients, and it doesn’t contain any hormones or gluten. It is the perfect treat for people that do not tolerate milk, and you will never go back to regular ice cream once you experience the great taste of gelato.

G.S. Gelato is a trusted distributor of all natural Italian gelato. They have many Italian gelato flavors available, and they import many of their ingredients to ensure that their products are made with high quality standards in mind.

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