Sweeten Any Occasion with Chocolate Candy Molds

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Food, Shopping and Product Reviews

Even if you feel as if you should never even get near a kitchen because you aren’t certain what type of disaster you will cause next, there is definitely one thing that you can easily make…chocolate that is molded with chocolate candy molds. Even if you are fairly good in the kitchen and considering trying some type of candy making, the use of these molds is a great way to try out this new type of venture in the kitchen. Because chocolate can sweeten up any occasion, you will also likely find that this will be a valuable new skill.

Learning About the Molds
When it comes to making chocolate at home, your will definitely need to pick up some molds. There are certainly chocolate candy molds that you can buy that are pre-made, but you can also choose to buy custom chocolate candy molds for an even greater personal experience. Chocolate molds are typically made of plastic or silicone and both of them have their advantages. As a beginner, you just want a mold that is easy to use, so try to use a silicone mold if you can. The chocolate will likely be easier to get out.

Caring for Your Molds
Once you have bought molds for your new chocolate making adventure, it will be important that you remember to care for your molds. After all, you will definitely want them to last for a very long time. It is extremely important that you keep your molds clean…another advantage of silicone, and that you keep them away from anything that could damage the mold. You don’t want your beautiful chocolates to be marred because of a little rip, tear or hole in your mold.

Using Your Molds
Bulk chocolate is found in candy stores throughout the area and you can also easily order online. There is a lot you can do with melted chocolate, from making pretty colors to intricate designs, but until you get the hang of working with melted chocolate, it is probably best to just perfect your method for getting it in and out of the mold. You should also work on melting your chocolate as it is easy to burn and will take a little bit of practice before getting it right.

Once you get the hang of it, there is no reason why you and your chocolate candy molds will not be the hit of any upcoming occasion.

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