Make beautiful quilts with the right quilt patterns in Canada

Quilting can be as simple as a wall hanging, a baby blanket, or a king size bed covering. Decide what pattern you want and what size that you want to work with. Fabric stores, in person and online, offer many patterns to peruse through. The internet is full of quilting ideas and how-tos, not to mention unique stores with everything you need to get started. It is also a great place to purchase supplies.

Know What You Need

  1. Allow the appropriate space for the size of quilt you decide to make. The difference can be between a lap quilt or needing an entire room to set up a quilting rack.

  2. Understand how to read the quilt pattern you have selected. Quilt patterns can be found by visiting you local store or at a reputable online source.

  3. View an online tutorial, which youtube has a lot of great presenters to walk you through the process step-by-step, or find a local quilters group to find a hands-on experience.

  4. Purchase the necessary quilting supplies for your project.

Pattern Selection

Quilt patterns can be simple fabric pieces sewn together in no particular order, pre-cut fabric pieces that make a design or a combination of fabric you cut to make the quilt pattern. You may even use old clothing to create a quilt of memories. Many stores off patterns as a free download or some exclusive designed that are available for purchase. A few different options for newbies that include (but are not limited to):

  • Baby Quilt Patterns

    • Baby Rag Log Cabin

    • Fancy Fox Pattern

  • Easy Quilt Patterns

    • Dashing Stars Pattern

    • Garden Party Pattern

  • Applique Patterns

    • Aloha Hibiscus Pattern

    • Home Sweet Home Pillow Pattern

  • Wall Hanging Patterns

    • Blessed To Be Canadian

    • Silhouette

Begin Quilting

You have selected your quilt size and quilt pattern, allocated your work space, purchased your fabric and quilting supplies, and now it’s time to get started.

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