What Exactly is a Karambit Claw Knife?

What Exactly is a Karambit Claw Knife?

The karambit is a type of knife that is popular in Southeast Asia. It is believed to have been inspired by the shape of a tiger’s claws. The karambit claw knife was originally designed as a tool for farmers. It is used to pull roots and to cut and harvest rice. It is a small knife and very easily maneuverable. As the karambit claw knife became more commonly used for fighting, the blade became more curved. Traditionally, the karambit was actually looked down upon by upper class Indonesians.

Working Class Weapon

The karambit claw knife was looked down upon by upper class Indonesians and many others because the knife was based on a farmer’s instrument. The knife was perceived to be a weapon of the peasant class. Therefore, those who were wealthier looked down on the knife due to its status. However, it was a very effective knife and remains so to this day. Many people choose to carry a karambit for the same reason that the original Indonesians did. The karambit is small and easy to use. It is held in your fist.

The karambit was often used as the weapon of last resort. Soldiers would primarily fight with their longer weapons. If they got into a close range fight, they would use the karambit. Knives with a finger ring can also add force to punches. Since they are small but very useful, women carried them in their hair for self-defense. You can find great karambits if you visit blade-city.com.


The biomechanics of using a karambit claw knife make it great for self-defense. The karambit is carried in the fist with the blade facing down. Typically, the blade faces forward. That means that the motion used to punch or claw at someone will produce cutting motions with the karambit blade. Furthermore, the blade is small enough that it is highly maneuverable and easily concealed.

A karambit is a great choice for a collector’s item or for a practical tool.

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