How to Have Your Gauges and Your Dangle Earrings, Too

How to Have Your Gauges and Your Dangle Earrings, Too

Dangle earring styles are popular, beloved for their movement and grace. Many people favor them for weddings, formal events and dressing up for dates, dances, and parties. However, those who have gauged ears may feel that this is one fashion trend they have to skip because of the nature of their oversized piercings.

Dangle Plug Adapters

There are options available for those with gauged or stretched ears who also want to enjoy the delicate look of dangle jewelry. Dangle plug earrings utilize a plug with either an adapter hole for the back or hook of an earring or a smooth tunnel through which hoop or hook-style earrings can be fed. This gives the wearer the ability to enjoy styles that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

The tunnels and plugs of these earrings themselves can be quite beautiful, adding to the overall aesthetic value. Tunnels are often crafted of lovely, polished hardwoods while plugs can be anything from wood to metal to plastic and even light, polished stone. No longer the plain, black gauges that once dominated the industry, today’s plug earrings are works of art in their own right, and adding the flexibility to incorporate dangle elements just heightens their appeal.

Where to Shop

There are many jewelry retailers that now offer dangle plug earrings, but these are typically geared toward those who already wear plug and gauge styles. Look in specialty shops, or browse online. Today’s online jewelry merchants have the freedom to cater to niche markets that make jewelry wearers of particular interests feel like they’re having pieces made especially for them. With some retailers, that is actually possible! Be sure to look for customized designs, adapters, and stretching sets, so you can achieve the look you want. There’s no reason to sacrifice style just because you have stretched ears. Today’s wearers can have their gauges and their dangle earrings, too!

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