Finding a Bra That Offers the Support You Need While You’re Pregnant

Finding a Bra That Offers the Support You Need While You’re Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, you might not want to think about the lingerie that you wear. However, to provide the support that your breasts need during your pregnancy, consider purchasing a maternity bra. These are often reinforced and usually have wider straps to offer more support. There are a few tips to keep in mind when you start looking for a maternity bra online so that you get something you like, a bra that’s flattering while still providing the comfort you need.

Don’t just buy a larger size in a fashion bra that you’re used to wearing. The fabric of this type of bra usually won’t provide the support needed for your growing breasts and likely won’t be an optimal solution if you plan to nurse your baby. Once you do find a maternity bra online that you like and enjoy wearing, consider getting a few of them. You’ll have one or two on hand when you launder the others that you wear, so you”ll always have a bra for support while you’re pregnant and after you have your baby.

After you buy a maternity bra during your first trimester, you’ll usually have to get a different size in your second or third trimester, as your breasts will likely continue to grow throughout the course of your pregnancy. Although you might be satisfied with getting a bra that has extra room to grow into over the final months of your pregnancy, you’ll likely need to get a different size anyway since you don’t know how your breasts will develop. If you plan to nurse your baby, then consider buying nursing bras from the start. They have the same kind of support as maternity bras along with openings over each breast to make feeding your baby a bit easier.

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