3 Tips for Transitioning Your Dog to Raw Food

by | May 13, 2019 | Furniture

It is very easy to feed your dog the national brand sold for his age,size and type found at the grocery store. It is easy to purchase that food when you go shopping because it is convenient. You may also feed your furry friend table scraps. For some dogs, this type of diet does not negatively impact their health. Most dogs, however, will see the negative effects of this diet during their older years. To keep your dog healthy, you are encouraged to Buy Raw Dog Food in New Jersey.

When you begin feeding your dog, you must transition him. Here are three tips to consider.

Start Slow

Anytime you change your dog’s food, you have to start slow. With raw food, it is important, too. A strategy you might try is to continue giving him half a portion of his old food and half a portion of his new food. Believe it or not, some dogs are picky, and they will not go for the new grub you are trying to feed them. By starting off slowly, you are giving their palate an opportunity to adjust. Dogs have sensitive stomachs. By going slowly, you are preventing a shock to their digestive system, too.

Start with One Flavor

Some raw dog foods are available in more than one flavor. When you transition your dog, it is best to begin with one, and then, wait. You are trying to gauge if there is any negative reaction. If not, introduce another, and then, wait again.

Limit Treats

Transitioning a dog to a new food, especially raw food, requires care. When you Buy Raw Dog Food in New Jersey and begin to have your dog become accustomed, you are encouraged to limit treats during this period. You simply want to ensure that your friend has no negative reactions.

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