Create a Beautiful Ring You’ll Love for Years with Platinum Mountings

When you find that perfect stone, you want a mounting that will showcase its beauty while keeping it safe. The problem is, there are so many choices. You’ll be choosing the style of the ring, but the most important decision to make is which metal to use. You’ll find yellow and white gold, silver, and platinum available. Platinum ring mountings are becoming popular due to the many benefits they provide.

Holds Its Color

All rings look spectacular when they are new, but many lose that charm over time. Platinum retains its natural white color without needing extensive maintenance. While gold can yellow as the years go by, platinum never fades or changes color.

An Heirloom

Platinum is one of the most durable metals used for jewelry. When it’s scratched, the metal is only displaced. When gold is scratched, you lose metal. Platinum actually hardens as time goes by. Instead of wearing away, it develops a patina that adds character.

A Safe Setting

Platinum’s durability and strength will keep your diamond or other precious stone safe. The prongs will be stronger than ones made of gold. When platinum comes in contact with force, it bends instead of breaking. Your platinum prongs will hold up, even when you wear your ring every day.

Platinum ring mountings will keep your favorite stone safe and secure while providing you with the beauty you desire. You’ll have a piece of jewelry that can survive day-to-day wear and be handed down for generations to come.

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