What to Consider When Shopping for Engagement Ring Mountings

Engagement ring mountings, also known as ring settings, determine the overall style of an engagement ring. It is important to consider the following aspects when selecting a setting:

Overall Design

The shape, size and metal type of your ring mounting will determine the final look of your engagement ring. Consider what kind of design you’d like before making a purchase. Do you prefer a more traditional or modern look? Also, keep in mind that the diamond’s shape may influence your setting’s design.


Engagement ring mountings are exposed to daily wear and tear that can cause extensive damage over time. Therefore, selecting a sturdy setting resistant to scratches, tarnish, and other damages is important. Common ring materials that provide strength and durability include platinum, titanium and white gold.


The cost of an engagement ring setting varies greatly depending on the shape, style and material used. Platinum is among the most expensive metals for ring mountings, while sterling silver settings are typically the least expensive. Consider your budget to narrow down your selection.


Your ring mounting should be comfortable enough for everyday wear. Make sure that it does not have sharp edges or other features that could irritate your finger. Additionally, consider your lifestyle when selecting a design and material – if you work with your hands, opt for something that won’t snag and catch on objects.


When shopping for an engagement ring mounting, choose a quality piece backed by a good warranty. You want to avoid buying a setting that breaks or becomes damaged easily.

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