Cute Shirts for Women for all Events: Some Fashion Tips From Florida

When it comes to cute tops for women, you can choose between something a little bit sexy and revealing, like corset tops and crop shirts, or you might opt for a trendy traditional blouse or long-sleeve shirt for a formal occasion. When you are putting your wardrobe together, if you start with the foundational pieces you will have more success.

Corset Tops

These stylish shirts are created from a bustier, and they can be strapless. The bodice is a structured piece that accents the waistline. You can find these cute tops for women in solid covers and covered with lace.

Crop Tops

If you want to stay cool, consider a crop top. You can find traditional ones in crisp white as well as shirts with sexy touches. Some crop tops look like bikini tops, but they have sheer sleeves attached to them. This is perfect to cover up your shoulders if you’re going to be out in the sun or you want a fresh look for an evening on the town.


You can make a blouse a statement piece. For example, you can take a body-hugging neutral blouse and add an accent scarf. This look can take you from the office to the mall. Oversized and button-down shirts will take you from the sofa to a luncheon. For formal occasions, you can button these to the top. If you want to let loose, just button them along the waistline. A crop top pairs perfectly underneath these loose garments. For more details about cute tops for women like these and more, visit Tally + Fin at

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