Christians are not intended to Suffer

Christians are not intended to Suffer

There are some sects of Christianity that believe in order for us to prove our faith we must suffer. However God wants us to be happy and live life free of strife and struggle. Although some people choose a life filled with sacrifice this is not necessary for you to feel God’s love. Bishop Jordan can provide you with a personal prophecy that will show you God wishes you to have happiness and success in your life.

Charity and Success

If you feel you should not be pursuing a career that will allow you to be successful this is not true. Many people enjoy success much due to their unfaltering faith in God. When you have true love of God and believe in his kindness you will have confidence in your heart that will allow you to succeed. Remember that God has a path intended for each of us and when you succeed it can put you in a position to help others. Those with faith in their hearts determined to live life as a Christian do not take their own success for granted. Instead they use their success as a way to be more charitable to others. It is not only those who are successful who can be charitable. People of all financial situations can find time to be charitable and give back to your community and help those worse off then you. There are many celebrities you might see who give not only their money but their time in order to help people suffering around the world. These people have the gift of prosperity as God knows they will use it to benefit others not only themselves.

Fulfillment and Joy

God knows that in order to fill joy you must feel fulfilled. It is not possible to feel fulfilled when living a life that is idle and without purpose. If you live life day to day simply going through the motions without love or joy in your heart you can reach out to Bishop Jordan and find out what God intends for you. When you live without considering God’s plan you can have difficulty finding the path that is right for you. With insight from a personal prophecy you will soon be on the path towards happiness and prosperity.

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