Buying Meat And Produce From A World Market

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Food

By the time a food product hits the store shelves, it has undergone through many stages of production. This means originating in the farm and into factories where many additional substances are added to enhance its flavor and shelf life. The end result is a product that is far from its natural state. Take chocolate, for example, cocoa is actually very healthy with high traces of antioxidants. However, to increase its taste and make it less bitter, huge amounts of sugar and other substance has been added.

If you really want to make a commitment to healthy eating, then it is best to shop at a world market in Atlanta GA. These places carry food that has been delivered right from the farm. It’s a fact that America has one of the highest rates of premature death from maladies associated with obesity and heart disease. This is largely due to poor food choice. Eating artificial foods have an accumulating effect. By making smart food choices for you and your family, you also teach your children about the importance of healthy eating.

A world market in Atlanta GA works directly with organic farms from which they receive their products. In these farms, no crops are treated with pesticides and livestock are allowed to roam freely rather than being crammed in pins before being led to the slaughterhouse. By eating healthy, you also contribute to the environment. Most foods are processed in factories that contribute to waste and air pollution. With organic foods, everything is produced naturally in a farm.

One of the biggest factors that prevent people from shopping at a world market in Atlanta GA is the higher cost of organic foods. While it is true that natural foods tend to be on the more expensive end, you have to consider your health as well as that of your family. Statistics show that those who report eating organic foods on a regular basis suffer less from heart disease and other complications.

It’s all about making sound choices when it comes to food selection. On the surface, organic food may look no different than its processed counterpart. However, the two are very different on a molecular level. The term “you are what you eat” in some sense is very true and will also have a profound effect on your well-being. What you eat is just as important as how much you eat.


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