Avoiding GMO Foods at All Costs

Avoiding GMO Foods at All Costs

GMO foods have found their way onto our supermarket shelves, and by the looks of things, they intend to overstay their welcome. Until now, the general public has been blissfully unaware of what these foods are, let alone having knowledge of how or why they should be avoided. Modified foods take much of the nutritional value out of food, and there have not been enough studies done to determine whether or not they can be harmful or not in the long run. It is much better to stick to non GMO foods, unless your doctor or dietician has recommended otherwise.

Understanding What GMO Foods Are

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. In a nutshell, this means that the food has been altered past that of its natural state and taste, to create a finished product. The product looks much like its organic kind, if not identical, but the genetics inside the product have changed beyond recognition. Genetic engineering is used to splice the genes of fruit, to create a similar product. However, it is never the same. This could mean that it is sweeter, more resistant to pests during farming, or maybe just larger. This process is supposed to make food access easier and better for consumers, but it can actually do the opposite, since the finished product may not have as many vitamins or nutrients that humans rely on to stay healthy.

Why GMO Foods should be avoided

GMO foods should be avoided, because the farming process strips the fruit of its organic structure. Although this process doesn’t just happen with fruit, those who are trying to eat healthy will benefit more from foods that are farmed through regular methods. Fueling your body with unnatural chemicals and substances found in GMO foods will not benefit you as much as eating organic foods would, and it could even be harmful to your health. There is a lot of hype about whether or not these products are healthy, but little information as to whether or not they are completely safe. People that are concerned about the food they are buying should search for all natural products. There are many health food companies that will certify their products as being all natural.

That’s It Fruit provides a wide range of non GMO foods, that are all natural. They are one of the most popular health food companies in the nation.

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