All About Inground Pool Heaters

All About Inground Pool Heaters

Water during the night is very cold; it’s because of the air that circulates around. As an example, the water in a swimming pool is cold, most especially since it stagnates in one place. Having inground pool heaters in the pool can help your swimming experience a delight any time of the day. This is because you won’t have to feel cold when you’re in it, especially during night time.

There are several types of inground pool heaters that are available for use. The choice should depend on how frequent one will use the pool and how large the size of the pool is. There is always that one which fits every kind of user and any type of swimming pool.

One of the many types of inground pool heaters is the gas-fired inground pool heaters. As its name suggests, this type needs gas in order to start functioning. This is capable of increasing the water’s temperature between five to eight degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is ideal only for swimming pools which are less frequently used. This because of the expenses needed in order to maintain its functionality; in spite of how much it originally costs. It lasts for only five years and it is not a good choice for areas where gas is not easily accessible.

Then we have the electric inground pool heaters that use a compressor to heat the pool water. This compressor acts like the compressors found in air conditioning and refrigerator units. Using the air surrounding the water in the swimming pool, it is able to raise the temperature to above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Its maintenance costs are lower compared to the one which needs gas to function.

The last among the three and the least expensive to maintain are inground pool heaters, which are powered by solar energy. What makes this type expensive are the solar panels that these heaters need to function. This makes use of stored solar energy in order to heat the swimming pool. It is a good investment because of how long it can last and it is environment friendly as well.


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