Different types of wet weather gear

Wet weather gear refers to all the items that are donned to help in keeping dry in foul weather. Raincoats of different configurations, rain hats, ponchos and rubber boots are a few of the common items worn. Some raincoats even are similar to a “hoodie” as they have an integral hood. A poncho is little less than a tarp with hole in for the wearers head and two more holes for the arms. The poncho simply drapes over the body and is very practical.

What are commonly called “rubber boots” is today mostly made of synthetic materials. Snow boots are usually lined, rubber rain boots are not. Children’s wet weather gear is often in bright vibrant colors, many manufacturers license the right to use popular cartoon character which is a drawing card for kids when shopping. Keeping dry during the rain is important for everyone, but children in particular need good protection as they can easily catch colds and flu.

You will normally see ponchos worn on people who work outdoors; many school crossing guards wear them as they are issued by the school district in a one-size-fits-all category. As they are not the least form fitting, they can be worn by anyone regardless of their size or what other protective gear they may have on, perhaps a jacket or sweater. Raincoats are more stylish and form fitting so a universal fit is hard to come by.

A piece of clothing that does double duty is a parka. Unlike raincoats, parkas are provided with a snug fitting hood and a zip-out lining. In the winter they provide a great deal of warmth and as the outer fabric is waterproof, with the lining removed they make for excellent protection from the rain. A similar type of protection is a windbreaker, the material is waterproof like a parka but there is no lining, they are usually worn in the summer months or when the wind is blowing.

One piece of wet weather gear which is unmistakable is the “Souwester.” This article of clothing is a yellow rain hat with a large brim which can be pulled down over the ears; they can be tied under the chin to keep them in place when the wind is howling. This hat is a favorite with commercial fishermen.

Wet weather gear designed for professional and recreational purposes is available from Stormline. All the clothing is designed to weather the conditions.

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