What Makes Natural Mulberry Silk Superior to Wildcrafted Silk?

What Makes Natural Mulberry Silk Superior to Wildcrafted Silk?

Nowadays, many people assume that “wildcrafted” is always superior to an all-natural product. However, this is not the case with silk; there is a huge difference between wildcrafted silk and “mulberry silk,” an all-natural product made from naturally farmed silkworms. This farmed silk produces the best silk sheets, clothing, and the best mulberry silk comforter. Let’s look at the differences between wildcrafted and mulberry silk.

Mulberry Silk

People in Asia have used silkworm cocoons to make a thread for more than five thousand years. As a result, silkworms have become domesticated and refined over time. Bombyx mori is the variety of domesticated silkworm used to produce Mulberry silk. They have been bred to have a larger cocoon size and be resistant to common silkworm diseases.

Domesticated silkworms lead very pampered lives compared to wild silkworms. They get plenty of nutritious white Mulberry leaves to eat. Likewise, they live in controlled environments where nothing can harm them. This blending of nature and nurture is what makes Mulberry silk the best silk in the world.

Wildcrafted Silk

While there are more than 500 wild types of silkworms, only a few can produce threads. Likewise, wild silk is generally harvested after the moths leave their cocoons, cutting the threads during the process. Silk made from wild silkworms is rougher than silk produced from domesticated Mulberry silkworms. Wild silk simply doesn’t have the smooth, silky feel of Mulberry silk.

Without a doubt, Mulberry silk simply surpasses wildcrafted silk in quality. Its texture is smoother and finer, with a more luxurious feel that can make you feel pampered. Likewise, Mulberry silk is stronger and longer lasting than wild silk, making it both luxurious and excellent value. The characteristics of Mulberry silk make for exceptional bedding, sleepwear, and the best mulberry silk comforter, ensuring the user a good night’s sleep.

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