How Vancouver Residents Can Stay Healthy During Winter

Canada has some of the coldest winters on planet earth. For this reason, winter is often the season when Vancouver residents experience higher rates of sickness and ill-health.

Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean that your health has to suffer. It’s easy to fight against sickness if you know the right tips and tricks to use to winter-proof your personal care routine. Here’s how Vancouver residents can stay healthy during the winter months.

Take The Right Supplements

The right supplements can help to protect your body and strengthen your immune system during the months when you’re more susceptible to viral infections. The supplements that Vancouver residents should take during the winter months include vitamin C, echinacea and vitamin B6. These supplements help to prevent illness and keep you healthy.

Stay Active

When the weather is below freezing, it can be incredibly tempting to skip the gym. However, staying active helps to keep your immune system healthy. It also can help to ward off the winter blues, as regular exercise has been shown to prevent depression and seasonal depressive disorder. If it’s too cold to go to the gym or to go for a run, consider doing a workout video in the comfort of your own home.

Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

The supplements that Vancouver residents take to strengthen their immune systems are immensely helpful for preventing illness. However, nothing beats fruits and vegetables when it comes to keeping you healthy. It’s easy to forget to eat produce during the winter months when all you want to do is indulge in warm comfort foods like soup or poutine. However, eating fresh foods will keep you feeling healthy and strong.

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