Using a Retainer to Camouflage a Piercing

Using a Retainer to Camouflage a Piercing

Piercings are popular with many people, so it’s no surprise that there are some people who need ways to camouflage their piercing for different occasions. A retainer for a tongue piercing is a great way to make your tongue piercing almost invisible, yet not worry that the hole will close up. Retainers are clear piercings that people use help keep a piercing hole open but still reduce the appearance of a piercing. There are retainers for nose rings, belly button rings, and eyebrow rings. Below are some tips to help you make the most out of piercing retainers.

Choose the Right Size Retainer

Just like when you shop for a piercing stud or barbell, you need to make sure you choose the right sized retainer for a tongue piercing or any other type of piercing. When shopping for a retainer, make sure you purchase the right gauge size so that it fits properly in your piercing. Retainers aren’t too flexible, so don’t expect to mold it to the shape you need to fit your piercing.

Wearing a Piercing Retainer for Certain Occasions

You may wonder why anyone would want to hide their piercings. Don’t people get pierced to celebrate their individuality and show off their unique style? While most people who enjoy piercings and tattoos do it as a form of expression, there are some situations where a visible piercing will cause a problem.

Some corporate jobs or jobs within the medical field don’t allow visible piercings beyond a simple set of earrings. Certain professionals, like an MRI technician or radiologist, need to avoid wearing metal or steel to work to prevent problems with equipment. In these cases a retainer for a tongue piercing, nose piercing, or eyebrow piercing works well to maintain the integrity of the piercing. You may also be asked to remove your piercing for wedding or family photos, and you can opt for a retainer instead of removing the piercing.

Retainers for New Piercings

When you have a new piercing, it can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to heal properly. But what if you have to remove your piercing before it’s fully healed? Your piercer will give you the best advice, but some people do use retainers to keep a new piercing open, but there is always a risk of increasing the healing period or causing swelling to the area.

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