Understanding the Most Common Types of Jewelry Repair

Do you have a piece of treasured jewelry that has broken? Perhaps your wedding ring needs to be resized. It might be that you’ve lost a stone from your ring’s setting. Whatever the case, jewelry repair can help. Of course, it’s important that you know a bit more about the most common types of repair that you can find with a New Jersey jeweler.

Ring Sizing

Perhaps the single most common type of jewelry repair performed by jewelers in New Jersey is ring sizing. Rings can be sized up or down depending on your needs, and this service may be necessary to wear an heirloom ring passed down to you or to expand a ring that has become too small over time.

Prong Damage

Stones are held in place on jewelry with tiny metal prongs. While durable, they can snag on things.It can bend or break them. The right jeweler can replace damaged or missing prongs.

Stone Setting

If one or more prongs are damaged on your jewelry, it’s possible that the stone will come out. When this happens, it will need to be reset, and the prongs will need to be repaired or replaced.

Chain Repair

Necklace chains can become knotted, and pendants can catch on things, causing the chain to break. Chain repair can make your jewelry like new again.

Stone Replacement

Sometimes a stone can fall out of a setting, and you don’t realize it. If the loss is traumatic, it can be helped with repair services like stone replacement.

Clasp Replacement

The weakest part of any chain or bracelet is the clasp. They are easily damaged and easily broken. Thankfully, they can also be easily replaced by a skilled jeweler.


Perhaps you have an heirloom pearl necklace. Maybe it’s a necklace of precious stones. Whatever the case, if the string breaks, you will need restringing service from a qualified jeweler.

Cleaning and Polishing

All jewelry becomes dirty and dingy over time through simple use and exposure. A skilled jeweler can offer cleaning and polishing services to make it look like new once more.

These are just a few of the most common types of jewelry repair you’ll find with a trusted New Jersey jeweler. We invite you to follow Lincroft Village Jewelers today.

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