3 Things Rookie Quilters Should Know

3 Things Rookie Quilters Should Know

Quilting can seem intimidating for a beginner. Don’t let those initial fears and worries stop you from giving it a try, though. Here are a few helpful tips you’ll want to take to heart.

You’ll make mistakes

Don’t let those mistakes get you down, though. Mistakes are normal in the course of learning something. You’re not going to start out great. In fact, you’ll probably end up with plenty of rejects before you get a handle on things. But that’s all right. Keep at it. Quilting for beginners is fun when you don’t focus on your mistakes but on the pleasure of learning something new every day.

You’ll need tools

Quilting for beginners goes so much better when you have the right tools and supplies. Invest in them. With these tools handy, you can make a lot of the pieces you want with less time and effort. Shop from reputable retailers online for those supplies and monitor them so you’ll never run out of what you need. The last thing you want to happen is to find out you’re running low on fabric when you’re already halfway through a project.

You’ll need to prepare the fabric

Don’t start quilting until you’ve taken pains to prepare the fabric you want to use for your project. Is it machine washable? Then wash it first, Felt Magnet says. This will get plenty of the chemicals used during the fabrication of the material out of the fabric. Washing also eliminates plenty of the excess color that could bleed. If the fabric tends to shrink, then washing it before you use it will also prevent further shrinkage. However, if you’re using silk, then you know that can’t be washed. Keep to the washing instructions set for different materials so you won’t end up wasting it.

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