Tools You Should Keep on Hand for Decorating Cakes With Ease

Tools You Should Keep on Hand for Decorating Cakes With Ease

Decorating is sometimes the most exciting part of baking cakes. By using different colors and tools, you can let your creativity flow onto the surface of the cake whether it’s making a simple design or one that is full of detail. There are a few cake decorations and tools that you want to have on hand to make it a little easier to achieve the designs that you plan.


In order to make decorating your cakes a little easier, you want to have a few stands to place them on that can turn. These will allow you to reach all sides of the cake without stopping to turn a stand that’s not mobile. Consider getting a few different sizes so that you have a stand for all types of cakes that you make.


To reach all of the hidden areas on your cakes or when you want to add details that deliver more effects on the cake, you’ll want to use an airbrush. The brush will allow you to carefully add more color to some areas and less color to others. Another tool you can use for your cake decorations is a brush that is similar to a paintbrush. These come in various sizes and can be used to apply color and other details. Glitter is often used with these brushes so that you can apply it easier than you could by shaking a container of glitter onto the surface of the cake.


When you want to make intricate details on your cakes, such as flowers or even straight lines, then a piping bag would be beneficial to have. Aside from the bags, you can get different types of tips to put on them so that you can create a variety of details instead of using a knife or other tools.

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