Montana West Purses for the Modern Cowgirl

Montana West Purses for the Modern Cowgirl

If you’re a woman who’s in love with the western lifestyle, but also appreciates fashion, trends, and beauty, then the collection of Montana West purses will be for you. This handbag collection combines the best of traditional and modern styles, to bring you the latest in western fashion. Furthermore, you can match every day mood and the outfit you’re wearing with a different model. Read below and get acquainted with the depth and range of this purse collection for the quintessential modern cowgirl.

Vibrant Colors

When you see Montana West purses, the color palettes and patterns are immediately eye-catching. Only this brand can give you a purple and turquoise blended croc-print purse or a red-hot embroidered design done the right way. The brand prides itself on symbolizing individualism, strength, and a trailblazing spirit, and the boldness of colors and hues stays true to this. If you’re looking for a handbag company that offers an array of color combinations, this collection is it. You can find turquoise, pink, red, purple, navy, brown and a host of other colors to make your outfit complete.

Function and Style

Who said function and style don’t mix? The Montana West collection proves to the rest of the world that a handbag can look trendy, yet serve a purpose too. Embellishments on the Montana West pursesinclude: rhinestones, stars, studs, embroidery, horseshoes, stones, fringe, and more. The brand takes western fashion into another dimension of style. Yet the company also merges functionality into their line of purses. They offer the Crossbody handbag that you can keep close to you while out running errands. With its durable strap, it offers security while you’re moving around town. They also have a Concealed Carry handbag, if you need to bring a little protection with you while keeping it classy. There’s absolutely nothing like an accessory that adds to your outfit, but also has a dual use.

Modern and Traditional Mix

Even a modern cowgirl values the traditional style of western fashion and so does Montana West. Take a look at some of their top-selling styles that bring out the best in modern and traditional western fashion.

Camo Collection: symbolic of the south, this camouflage purse rocks rhinestones, deer antlers, crosses, and silver in a chic way.

Concealed Carry: don’t let the beautiful embroidery fool you. This intricately embroidered handbag is complete with a concealed handgun holster. It’s a merger of the western woman living in a fashion-forward world.

Fringe Collection: who said you can’t wear fringe and pink? This handbag line proves that fringe is still in and it accompanies some brilliant colors like hot pink, orange, turquoise, and red.

If you are a modern-day cowgirl, then Montana West handbags are the right accessories to add to your wardrobe. Want to see more Montana West handbags? Shop our entire collection here.

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