Tired of Pant Suits? Adding Flair to Your Wardrobe in British Columbia

While there’s nothing wrong with a classy, understated wardrobe, it can get boring to wear the same stockings and pant suits to the office every day. It’s worth the effort of adding some spice to your closet. Not only will you improve your outfits, but you’ll also boost your confidence! Walk the hallways with your head held high by utilizing these tips and tricks for a more stylish wardrobe.


Accessorizing is the easiest way to make changes to your wardrobe. You can still wear your favorite pieces, but you can give them a little more punch by adding color, texture and other elements of visual interest. Think about things like shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, watches and masks. Look for handmade accessories in British Columbia to keep your purchases both stylish and sustainable.


This is similar to the above, but if you’ve always rocked the monochrome look, it might be time to try something new. You don’t have to clothe yourself in head-to-toe neons! Just add a splash of color in the form of a new handbag or head wrap. Contrast your black dress with colorful jewelry. You can also try layering bold colors under softer ones to mute some of their effects; this will deliver color without being overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking for cute dresses, smart blazers, patterned face masks or other handmade accessories in British Columbia, you’ll want to find high-quality sellers that can outfit you in style. Check out Kate and Frances to get started!

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