Tips for Using Electronic Cigarettes

Tips for Using Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have come along since they were first introduced. Users can find e-cigarettes and E cig accessories that can be purchased right along with them. The electronic cigarettes work very well today. Users get the option to choose between the type of e-cigarette they want and the flavor of the vapor that it dispels. Read on to learn a couple of tips on how to use the various E Cig accessories.

Automatic vs. Manual E-Cigarettes

Smokers are able to buy electronic cigarettes that are either manual or automatic. The e-cigarettes that are automatic won’t create vapor puffs that are large due to a delay between the production of vapor and inhaling. On the other hand, the manual e-cigarettes come with a button that has to be pushed to preheat the atomizer before inhalation. To get the same effect with the automatic e-cigarettes, the user would have to take one to two short puffs, then a long drag for inhalation. The short puffs are known as primer puffs.

Don’t overfill the Atomizer

One of the E Cig accessories is the atomizer or cartomizer, which holds the e-liquid for the e-cigarette. It is an engine that vaporizes the liquid to be inhaled by the smoker. It contains a metal heating coil that is wrapped around a wick. The wick then collects the e-liquid and brings the coil into contact with it. The heat that the process generates causes the wick to pull in more liquid from the tank. Too much liquid will saturate the wick will cause less vapor, instead of more vapor due to blockage at the atomizer’s bottom hole, slowing down airflow. This is why it’s important not to overfill the atomizer.

Try Different E-Liquids

There are a variety of different e-liquids that you can try with the e-cigarettes. Many different flavors can be purchased, including nicotine and fruit flavors. There are some e-liquids that are diluted with propylene glycol, which carries flavors better and has a thin vapor. Then there is the vegetable glycerin, which produces thick vapors.

Try Dipping

Atomizers are looked at as being superior to cartomizers by some e-smokers because it doesn’t have vapor restrictions due to filler material. By using electronic cigarette cartridges, this benefit is eliminated because they are packed with saturated, dense foam. Another option would be to buy a drip tip and then adding e-liquid from the bottle and into the atomizer to create bigger clouds of vapor.

E Cig accessories E Cig accessories

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